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There is an Invisible Self within each one of us, that we feel, but cannot explain. It is tremendously
personal and untouchable except to ourselves. All children respond to the dictates of their invisible self, but as they grow older and are influenced by the opinion of their elders, they thrust their invisible self farther and farther into the background, until the majority of them have forgotten its existence. Because I have accepted it and kept it active, I am writing my experiences with it; showing how the in visible self can help the Conscious Self, providing we do not abuse its power.
If you have submerged your invisible self it will require time and patience to bring it back to the sur
face. While acquiring this contact you must be honest with yourself. You must learn to face facts calmly, keep under control all forms of greed, selfishness, and other harmful excesses, before you can reach and communicate with your invisible self.


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