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Wicca is based on the concept of natural and essential equilibrium. All things have spiritual "life"- people, animals, plants, and even stones. Everything is part of a delicate balance of light and dark, day and night, good and evil, male and female. Even the Goddess and the God are both creators and destroyers. They give life, nurture it, and eventually take it away. This cycle is seen in the seasons and in the cycle of the moon, and is often symbolized by the Triple Goddess- Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The mother creates, the maiden develops, and the crone eventually fades away. We see this each month when the moon is a sliver, then grows to be full, and then becomes a sliver and fades away, before beginning again. Because of this, the emblem of the triple goddess is a full moon with a crescent on each side.


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