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Tenderest and most pathetic of all the legends which cluster around the central figure of Arthur is the story of the maiden dying of unrequited love for the splendid Lancelot. Told with unaffected simplicity in the pages of Sir Thomas Malory, it is a legend ranking with the highest efforts of more ambitious genius. That the graceful story, so beautiful and touching, should so long have been overlooked by the genius of more modern writers is surprising ; but in our times it has assumed a form in which the delicate gradations of the young girl's love and innocence are subtly delineated. In the older form of the legend the picture is presented in a framework of chivalrous adventure; and, as rendering the story more varied and complete in its accessories, the compiler of the following version has preserved the characteristics of the older writers. In the Illustrations Gustave Dore has shown how fully he has appreciated the sentiment and pathos of the legend, and some of th