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Observations and method of Invoking related with great pains and diligent research. Retire thyself Seven Days free from all company and fast and pray from sunset to sunrise. Rise every morning at Seven of the clock, and the three days previous to the Work fast upon bread and water and humble thyself before Almighty God. Watch and pray all night before the Work. And on the day before draw the lines of the Circle in a fair place. and let the diameter of the Circle be 9 feet. Wash thyself the same day quite clean. Make the pentacles forthwith and provide the other things necessary, with Incensing. Then being clothed in pure Vestments and having covered the Altar and lighted the candies begin about half an hour before sunrise on the Day assigned for the Work and say with great Devotion as follows:— The Secret Grimoire of Turiel is a kabbalistic grimoire on magick, the power to contact angels, one of them being Turiel of who the book is named after, edited by Baphomet Giger


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