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Heretofore it has been the belief of all but a few, possibly due to the impression left on the readers of the books dealing with the subject, that the Secret Schools taught man to find his own soul, to purify the heart so as to throb with love for all humanity, and, through the awakening of Intuition, to hold the Keys to Nature's Laws thereby enabling him to accomplish his desires. All this is true, insofar as the Spiritual Nature of man is concerned, but the Secret Schools have also always had in mind the betterment of physical Humanity, and have been the relentless foes of Autocrats, Oligarchies, Potentates and of Oppression in every form, teaching an Ideal Code of Ethics for the establishment of an Ideal Democracy, not through Revolution, but by Evolution, and that the true, lasting Republic be the outgrowth of granting Equal Rights to all men, special
privileges to none.


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