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" If you doubt it," replied Mr. Wilmore, " after tea I will convince you of my ability : and if I happen to differ from the gipsy in my communications, you will at least be convinced that one of us must be an impostor." Little else was talked of, or thought of, during tea, than the fulfilment of Mr. Wilmore's promise; and no sooner were the tea-things taken out of the room, than Arthur went up to his father, and held out his hand, that the lines on the palm of it might be examined. "Keep your seat, Arthur," said Mr. Wilmore ; " for my method is very different from that of the gipsy : I can tell what will happen to you quite as well by looking on your face, as at your hand." This seemed to astonish Arthur, as well as his brother and sister ; but, seating himself once more on his chair, he looked at his father, that he might proceed.


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