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The following collection of essays, bits and pieces representing 25 years of diabolical thought, is a Satanic literary exercise in the strictest sense. Each segment is an indulgence of a whim or fancy. Each was written as the mood or idea manifested itself, whether or not what was written would be good, bad, offensive, pleasing, or even whether it would see print. Each was set to paper because to refrain from doing so would have meant self-denial. Essays that are bitter were composed with a need to ritualized bitterness, the setting, form and style landing as the cards were dealt. Instructional or theoretical essays emerged, first as ideas which had to be recorded, then as written essays. Some have been gathering dust for many years and are included because timing demands that they be released. If they have been updated slightly, it is because popular folly has necessitated that comparisons be drawn. A Devil's Notebook must contain divergent observations and paradoxical theories. Like life itself, it is consistent in its inconsistency.- Anton LaVey


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