In presenting this work on Crude Organic Remedies the Constituents of Plants, and their Officinal Preparations I do not propose to "run a tilt" against any of the systems of Medical Practice, however some of them may be opposed to common sense and reason, and nor shall I treat with contempt to the Divine ordinances of Nature; the teachings and practices of great and wonderful names, or oppose the pride, interest, expectation, and conscientious convictions of. My object is simply to curious, if not startling facts, not only well worthy of the earnest consideration of the more intelligent portion of the community, who demand reasons, the most profound to lead them learned, honorable, present to conviction of a who influential profession many new and desire, amid of the great mass of humbler people, the great Reforms in human society, above all Truth, but all

"sound mind in a sound body," and to feel some  things to secure that exalted state of happiness which alone can arise from the possession of the most robust and rubicund physical and moral Health.


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The Complete Herbalist Natures Own Remedies by O. Phelps Brown 1878