The following brief and imperfect account of the Cheyenne social organization was obtained as part of my studies of the Cheyenne Sun-Dance, which, in turn, are part of a comparative study on this ceremony among the Plains Tribes I began in 1901. The Cheyenne Sun-Dance will form the subject of Part II. of this volume. These notes on the organization of the Cheyenne are given in this form because opportunity for further and more extended observation does not now seem possible. The Cheyenne, while considered in many ways the most conservative of the tribes of the plains, are rapidly losing their social organization, and the time will soon arrive when it will cease to have any meaning to the tribe as a whole. This organization was not unlike that of the Arapaho, and was formerly strictly adhered to. The accounts of the societies, the myths of the origin of the same, and the story of the medicine arrows are given, with but slight changes, as they were obtained through Richard Davis, a full-blood Cheyenne, as interpreter The colored illustrations were made direct from drawings made by Richard Davis or other Cheyenne artists; the pen drawings were made from diagrams drawn by Richard Davis.


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The Cheyenne Volume 1 and 2 - G A Dorsey 1905