There was a great war between the Lochlanners (Scandi-navians) and the Irish about Scotland, and the tribute which the Scandinavians had laid upon Ireland and Scotland. The cess was hard to bear, and grievous to the Irish king. They were great strong men, and they used to come in summer and harvest, eating and spoiling all that the people of these lands were storing up for another year, and so they had great great wars. There was a king in Ireland, and he sent for his adviser (comhairliche). In these times they had no Parliament as now, but counsellors who were wise men. ' I wish,' said the Irish king, *to find a way to drive back these Scandinavians.' ' That,' said the counsellor, ' will not grow in a day, but take wise counsel and it will grow in time.' ** The Celtic Review was an early twentieth-century periodical focusing on Celtic and Gaelic literature and scholarship. Some articles are written in Irish and Welsh.


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The Celtic Review, Volume 2 - 10 (July 1905 - June 1916)