The Papyrus of Ani, which was acquired by the Trustees of the British Museum in 1888, is the largest, the most perfect, and the best illuminated of all the papyri containing copies of the Theban Recension of the Book of theDead. Its rare Vignettes, Hymns, and Chapters, and its descriptive Rubrics, render it of unique importance for the study of the Book of the Dead, and it holds a very high place among the funerary papyri that were written between B.C. 1500 and B.C. 1350. Although it contains less than one-half of the Chapters which formed the Great Corpus of texts written for the benefit of the dead, we may conclude that Ani's exalted official position, as Chancellor of the
ecclesiastical revenues and endowments of all the Temples of Thebes and Abydos, will have ensured the inclusion of all the Chapters which an educated Egyptian deemed essential for salvation. The Papyrus of Ani is, in short, typical of the Book of the Dead in vogue among the
Theban nobles of his time.


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The Book of The Dead Papyrus of Ani Egypt EA Wallis Budge Vol 1 thru 3