No institution is more famous than the ancient Oracles of "Egypt, Greece, and Rome. They were said to be the will of the gods themselves, and they were consulted, not only upon every important matter, but even in the affairs of private life. To make peace or war, to introduce a change of government, to plant a colony, to enact laws, to raise an edifice, or to marry, were all sufficient reasons to consult the will of the gods. Mankind, in consulting them, showed that they wished to pay implicit obedience to the command of the divinity, and when they had been favoured with an answer, they acted with more spirit, and with more vigour, conscious that the undertaking had met with the sanction and approbation of heaven. In this, therefore, it will not appear wonderful that so many places were sacred to oracular purposes.  Human sacrifices are continually represented, as well as a diversity of curious Hicroglyphical Figures, one of which represents Isis walking on the Earth, and Flowers springing forth from under her Feet. The Translator, in taking his leave of the British Public, has now merely to state that the BOOK OF FATE, in its English dress, is adapted to all conditions of life ; and persons of every rank and capacity will now have an opportunity of consulting it, and of regulating their future conduct according to its oracular counsels.


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The Book of Fate