I am Nyarlathotep. I come onto this new world to spread my messageof awakening and ascension upon the many, upon the sleeping herdsof those who would worship and kneel before dead gods. I bring to you a new way, born from an ancient path that extends beyond the ignorant and lost histories of humankind. I stand here before you in tangible human form, re-envisioned for a new millennium. I have shed my skin and taken on a new stronger, more powerful form. I walk this earth in defiance of the oppression that consumes all those who could be free, but choose unknowingly to embrace slavery. I extend my hand to raise you up, to bring you true enlightenment and clear your vision of lies that bind and blind. Come with me, for I am Nyarlathotep". Designed to give the black magician a brief look into the twilight realm of H.P. Lovecraft and the eight Old Ones who dwell within. This territory is treacherous for the mind to wander in for too long, as it may never return. Here in are described the Old Ones and their particular influence on the black magician and his reality when worked with, as well as a detailed look at Their soul and messenger Nyarlathotep. A very thorough path working is laid out in “The Black Book of Azathoth”


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The Black Book of Azathoth