To become a successful delineator of horoscopes, the art of blending or ‘ synthesising ’ the whole nativity must be thoroughly understood. It is to aid in this desirable achievement that the writing of this book has been undertaken. It is the contention of some astrologers, that in order to give correct judgments the native’s heredity must be known, also the environment into which he or she was born;  the skilful astrologer who has absorbed the true teachings regarding astrology will not be long in discovering the general nature of the birth and environment. Thus, it should never be difficult to ascertain whether the native is born of  poor, middle-class, or well-to-do parents, and whether born into a mediocre or refined family. It is not always wise to accept without reserve statements regarding the native’s family history, as they are apt to prove misleading The author knew the case of a birth into a very poor family, in which the native (a male) had no education and no opportunity to learn a trade or profession : in fact he began work at the age of seven years, giving his parents the whole of his earnings until he practically came of age. Yet he rose to a high position in life and became a wealthy man. The nativity denoted innate refinement, great determination, and a persistent ambition to rise in life. He was whollyself taught, and none could tell that he had passed through such a hard early environment. There are also cases where men have been born into wealthy and refined families, and yet have fallen so low as to end their days in the work house. What it is necessary to know, is the exact vibratory power of the ego who is putting himself down into manifestation through the particular horoscope that is being studied.


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The Art of Synthesis - A Leo 1912