No subject that has been agitated since man was created, can be said to have engaged the attention of all people, as that of religion, whether among Pagan or Christian nations. That it is thus, is, however, perfectly natural ; because it claims to involve the interests of man, relative to both time and eternity, as universally allowed. In all ages, and under all circumstances, religion, whether handed down from father to son by tradition, or from God by inspiration, as in the case of the Holy Scriptures, has ever presented to notice two beings, who are shown as opposed to each other in their natures and pursuits. These two beings are known, or spoken of, by the terms Jehovah, and Satan; the good and the evil being, in Jewish and Christian countries; while in other parts of the earth, are equally acknowledged, if not thus named— differing only as languages differ, but conveying the same ideas. effect; and likewise to encourage the practice of virtue. But there has arisen, out of the great sea of religious opinions,in these latter days, a sect, namely, the Universalists, who deny not only the being of this one Satan, and his coadjutors or associate evil spirits; but the whole of the penal sanctions of this great subject, religion, as being inflicted, or as existing after this life, not- withstanding the Scriptures seem to be against them—the text of which they acknowledge—whose influence we will not deny is very great, and pervades all ranks of people, all communions of Christians, far more than is commonly supposed, and is exerted against the doctrines of the orthodox sects, and as we believe the Bible itself.


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The Anti-Universalist or History of the Fallen Angels of the Scriptures