There runs not merely so deep a demoniac feature through most ot these shuddering histories as fills the attentive reader with horror and dismay ; but even the eternal and unchangeable laws which govern our feelings and actions, are also frequently interrupted in such a violent manner as to bring the understanding in the proper sense of the word to a stand still ; as for instance, in one of the original trials, which a legal friend in our province had picked up, the relation is found, that a mother, after she had already endured the rack, partaken of the Sacrament, and was about mounting the scaffold, so greatly set aside all maternal feeling, as to feel herself in conscience bound to accuse her only tenderly beloved daughter, a girl of fifteen years, against whom nobody cherished any suspicion, of being also a witch, in order, as she said, to save her poor soul. The court justly astonished at this probably uparallelled case, caused her state of health to be investigated by ministers and the physicians, whose original testimonies are still found among the legal documents, and report favourable throughout. The unfortunate daughter who singularly enough was called Wise Elizabeth Hegel, was in consequence of this maternal declaration really executed.


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The Amber Witch The Most Interesting Trial for Witchcraft Yet Known 1844