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However useful the undertaking might prove, to give a true history of this “ tyrant of the air,” this ' God of the world,” this ” terror and overseer of mankind,” it is not our intention to become the devil’s biographer, notwithstanding the facility w’ith which tlie materials might he collected. Of the devil’s origin, and the first rise of his family, we have , sufficient authority on record ; and, as regards his dealings, he has certainly always acted in the dark ; though many of his doings both moral, political, ecclesiastical, and empirical, have left such strong impressions behind them, as to mark their importance in some transactions, even at the present period of the Christian world. These discussions, however, we shall leave in the hands of their respective champions, in order to take, as we proceed, a cursory view of some of the diablcries with which mankind, in imitation of this great
master, lias been infected, from the firs