Some four millennia before the Christian era, there lived on the alluvial plain brought down by the Euphrades and Tigris rivers, and bordering the Persian Gulf, a Turanian people, who had attained to a considerable degree of civilization, who tilled and irrigated the soil, undertook large public works, and ventured long distances by sea for the exchange of goods. They worshiped a sea-god Ea, and included in their mythology was another god, Dumuzi, or dutHu-si-abBu, "true son of the deep water." Concerning his attributes it is not necessary to elaborate ; the reader may find them fully discussed by competent authorities. This same god was adopted into the pantheon of the Semitic peoples who associated with, absorbed or expelled (according to various assertions) these Turanian plain-dwellers and sea-farers ; and in Semitic Babylonia the Turanian Dumuzi became Tammuz, the god of youthful joy and beauty, personifying the annual death and revival of natural life according to the sequence of winter and summer. His attributes, also, have been thoroughly studied, so that for reference one need cmly cite J. G. Frazer's Golden Bough, of which the third edition contains two volumes, Adonis, Attis and Osiris, and The Dying God, wherein all this literature is marshalled.


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Tammuz Pan and Christ - Wilford H Schoff