The last hour of Ernest Maltravers had a proached. The last day of mercy, of forbearance, and of hope to the wicked one, had dawned. The last sun of the scoffer, the libertine, and the duelist, had arisen, had passed its meridian, and was now shedding its last rays upon the sick bed of one young in years, but old in depravity and guilt. As the mellow light of a mild summer sunset entered the partly-closed shutters of the room, the dying man opened his eyes in consciousness to behold the sorrow around him. The mother, once a stately and proud beauty, now broken down with grief and horror, sat near his pillow; her memory running back to the period when she clasped in her arms her oldest born, to the hours and days and years she had watched over, and protected, and comforted, and spoiled, her brave, her beautiful boy.


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Tales of the Devils - J P Brace 1850