I shall endeavor to place before my readers the testimony of some of the Seers, Prophets, and Healers of Bible History, also those of early civilization, and the conclusions reached by many of our most able Thinkers, Scientists, Teachers, and leaders of present-day thought. It must be clearly understood that, whilst many of my views may fully coincide with the teaching of modern Spiritual ism, I do not in any way represent any Spiritualist Society - and that Spiritualists must be held blameless for any statements I make. It is not my purpose to be offensive to that great body of people who call themselves Spiritualists, and for many of them I have profound respect, but I shall not hesitate to state-what to me seems true, though it may be opposite to their general teaching. The object of this book is not to convert my readers into Spiritualists, but to call their attention to what my long experience with, and investigation of the subject has proven to me as its Truth, Helpfulness, and Danger.


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Spiritualism Its Truth Helpfulness & Danger - J Fletcher