I described some of these experiences in my book, “Psychical Investigations, and in earlier volumes ; but the printed records are incomplete, much evidential private matter having had to be excluded because it involved other l iving people who would object to publicity. If we investigators could publish everything, our case would be much stronger. In short, then, I believe that the survival of human beings past death, and the possibility of occasional communication, is a legitimate inference from the facts. I do not bel ieve that communication is as free or as frequent as most spiritualists seem to think. I am not convinced that the regular trance-controls are spirits at all they may be parts of the medium’s subliminal, acting as channels for communications from beyond. And there are some phases of mediumship —apports, for instance —which I have never witnessed, the phenomena being rare. As to such unwitnessed things, my attitude for one of suspense of judgment. I neither believe nor disbolieve. Those who have had convincing experiences in these departments may think that I dismiss them too  ightly. I can only ask their indulgence. I must see and hear for myself, before I can really believe. I have tried to obtain as much personal experience as possible, but opportunities in some directions have been lacking.


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