Some facts dealing with the latest evidence for the continuity of life beyond death, verified by  many years of psychical research. To some readers much of the matter will be startlingly new, and the facts difficult to believe. To others, who will accept the phenomena without question, because of previous experience, the theories adduced therefrom may not be wholly acceptable. The facts so far transcend ordinary experience that some cannot do otherwise than reject them, until fuller knowledge prevails upon the whole subject. When first brought into contact with students of this science the Writer himself treated the statements made by them as unworthy of belief, and he quite understands the natural scepticism of the man o rwoman who is at present entirely ignorant of the subject. The author covers a wide range of phenomena based on thirteen years of his personal experimentation and research. He founded and organized the British College of Psychic Science and tutored Eileen Garrett. She considered him a most knowledgeable spiritualist and he passes on to us a broad range of spiritualism folklore that he encounters as reported to him by spirits. A fascinating mix and an especially good read for the experimental portions.


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Spirit Intercourse and Interaction - Its Theory and Practise - L Hewat McKenzie