Now that man is being studied from a psychic standpoint as never before, questions which have always been of transcendent importance are taking on new meaning and appealing to the human intellect with added force—questions which involve both the nature and the destiny of man. Are man's body and what we call his spirit distinct and separate, the immaterial entity simply using the material organism as a vehicle of physical and mental activity? Or, is what we call the spirit but a manifestation of the functional effects of the living material organism as flame is a manifestation of the chemical processes which fuel undergoes when it burns, and will the spirit cease to exist when the body undergoes decomposition as the flame dies when the fuel is consumed "Is thought," as says Herbert Spencer, " only phosphorus ?" Those who have studied man from a materialistic standpoint only deny that he has a dual nature, contending that physical science will account for all phenomena that human nature manifests, mind included. Thus Huxley, while admitting that there are inexplicable phenomena of an immaterial nature, especially consciousness, makes psychology merely "the order of mental phenomena," and as for there being anything like a spirit in man, "a something that he carries about with him under his hat," he ridicules the idea. There are a few writers who go to the opposite extreme, likeJ ohn King, who assert that there is no real existence but spirit, and regard matter as a mere phantasmagoria (Berkleianism). All such merely intellectual speculations simply leave us in a maze of mystery because lacking foundation of fact. Huxley himself defines Science as "accurate knowledge," and such knowledge is to be obtained only from facts.


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