The interpretation of dreams is far from being as easy a task as appears at first glance. There are numerous pitfalls for the unwary. Dream analysis is a task that calls for unusual candor and patience. To do the work successfully presupposes an immense amount of general knowledge and a broad cultural background. It is an art that involves qualifications of the highest order. Above all, one must be willing to go through a rigorous mental discipline in order to approach the task of dream interpretation without any preconceived bias and without the handicap of subtle emotional resistances. My investigations are concerned with the foundations of the human soul. They are not intended for inexperienced lay persons whose minds may be confused rather than enlightened by these investigations. Physicians, jurists, mental hygienists, educators and psychologists will undoubtedly find herein a certain amount of inspiration and their mental horizon will be enlarged. It is high time that we devote greater attention to the facts of our dream life. This field opens to us the opportunity of acquiring insight into the very depths of the human soul.


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Sex and Dreams - W Stekel 1922