Belief in a Law that has ever been and must forever be the basic and fundamental principle of life has always existed. Thinkers and philosophers in all ages have exerted their ingenuity and genius to discover this Law, which would solve the various and multiple manifestations called life, with divers degrees of success or failure. The very effort to discover this Law is self-evident proof of its existence. Yet the great mass of mankind is asking this question at the beginning of the Twentieth Century: "What is the fundamental Law or Principle underlying the countless phenomena known as life." We do not hope to answer this vital question to the satisfaction of all; we do expect, however, to state a hypothesis upon which the various phenomena of life may be shown to have an ex established principles of modern science; but is,in fact, in perfect harmony with the very essence of modern science, so far as science is established in its various branches; and broad enough and sufficiently comprehensive to be called a philosophy of life.


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Scientific Occultism, A Hypothetical Basis Of Life - D Hatch 1905