It is a grand scene that disclosed in the opening of that wonderful old drama the Book of Job: the convocation of the heavenly hosts in the presence of the Lord; Satan coming among them; the Lord vouching for Job's excellence, and Satan proposing to have his integrity put to trial. No wonder it struck the imagination of Goethe — suggesting the prologue of his drama of Faust, and the wager offered by Mephistopheles: Was rettet iJir? what 'will you bet I can not get possession of the soul of Faust. Mr. Froude has written a remarkable article on the Book of Job which he characterizes as "the grandest poem in Hebrew literature " though " of unknown date and unknown authorship, the language impregnated with strange idioms and strange allusions, un- Jewish in form and in fiercest hostility with Judaism ... no mention or hint is there throughout the poem of Jewish traditions or Jewish certainties; and the God of the poem, as he takes it is " not the Hebrew God, the God of a peculiar people, but the Father of mankind." And the Satan of the drama, as he construes it, is not after the common Hebrew notion (and the common Christian notion) a fallen archangel impudently intruding into the Divine presence, but a member of the "court of heaven"; "not the prince of this world and the enemy of God, but the angel of judgment, the accusing spirit whose mission was to walk to and fro over the earth and carry up to heaven an account of the sins of mankind."


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Satan as a Moral Philosopher - Caleb Sprague Henry 1877