According to the Rosicrucian standard of living, each man and woman should attempt, by every means that is ethical, moral and Cosmically approved, to succeed in life, enjoy health, happiness, the material luxuries, and the comforts of physical existence as well as seek to attain spiritual Peace and attunement. In fact, the Rosicrucians have ever held that to truly fulfill the mission of our existence here on earth, and thereby carry out the Divine Will, no man and no woman should slight or negate the material or worldly obligations which are bounden upon all of us, but master them, meet them, and make an eminent success of our earthly careers. This, say the Rosicrucians, will bring us more truly in contact with the universal laws of nature and attune us more consciously with the universal scheme of things than living a life of speculative abstraction or spiritual monasticism.


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Rosicrucian Principles for the Home & Business - H Spencer Lewis 1929