In offering ROSICRUCIAN FUNDAMENTALS to members of Colleges and the Congregation of the Outer of the Societas Rosicruciana In America, as well as to all others who may be interested in what is commonly called " Occult Science", the author is mindful of the fact that at no time has the Rosicrucian Brotherhood ever put forth what might be termed an official text book of the philosophy of the Fraternity. Nor is it the purpose of ROSICRUCIAN FUNDAMENTALS to vacate the tradition. Any one with the slightest concept of what the "Rosicrucian Brotherhood" really is will readily understand that a permanent encyclopaedic text book would be an anomaly and an

impossibility, for Rosicrucianism is a progressive Art—a synthesis of Religion, Science and Philosophy. In the following pages will be found fourteen graded instructions, with questions pertaining to each Instruction. At first intended for the exclusive use of Fraters of the S.'.R.M.'.A.'., it was deemed permissible and advisable in view of the rapidly in-creasing demand for the Rosicrucian teachings to place this work within the reach of all who seek a rational working hypothesis for every day life, based, not alone upon faith but upon the correlation of religious ideals and truths with demonstrable scientific data.


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Rosicrucian Fundamentals - G W Plummer 1920