When, at the decadence of the Royal Art, the Rosicrucians of England, our predecessors, buried in the naive symbolism of a decaying corporation of mechanies the secret of their operations, they believed that the tradition of their Art would reach future generations in all its purity. Ingenious as it was, the intention of these last Adepts was not fulfilled; nowhere has the sacred science suffered from more severe mutilations than in the bosom of that Brotherhood, which has descended to the rank of a society ignorant of its own nature and its primitive aim. Martinez de Pasqually and his disciple, Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, contemporaries of the Inst Rosicrucians of England, did not see the necessity of entrusting the Hermetic Traditions they retained to mercenary associations, but gathered around them a small number of Men of Desire willing to sacrifice their personalities to a few carefully selected disciples the luminous teachings of the hierophants of Antiquity and of their successors, the Kabbalists and Hermetic Doctors of the Middle Ages.


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Ritual and Monitor of the Martinist Order - E Blitz