The importance of medicine can be measured only by the value of life and health, and both being of paramount consequence, it is deserving of the most careful study. The subject is large and difficult, embracing the influence of climate and race, the peculiarities and means of assisting the operations of nature, so as to counteract irregularities in her working, without undue interference in her results; and its aim is to argue from phenomena, and ascertain causes from effects. While engaged in such studies, it must be not only interesting, but useful, to turn back to the history of past ages, to consider those superior minds, which laboured with marked success in the same fields of inves- tigation, under the prompting of the same motives. This investigation will enable the student in me- dicine the better to appreciate the value of his science, to attach due weight to the discoveries and opinions of able men of different nations, and fairly to estimate their influence in the general advance of medical knowledge throughout the world.


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Review of the History of Medicine 1 & 2