In advocating the study of the hand, I desire to recom- mend it particularly to physicians, teachers and parents, as an invaluable aid in diagnosing hereditary disease, temperament, talents, capabilities and faults of children. I do not feel that I can conscientiously recommend the study as a profession—in America at least. The practice of hand reading as a profession is one which should be ranked among the most honorable of callings, and its teachers and exponents should be men and women of the highest intellectual and moral attainments. This, however, unfortunately is not the existing condition. America is flooded with "palmists" who do not know one line of the hand from another; who can scarcely write their own names and who claim to tell one's "name, sge and birth place" from a glance at one's hand. Why does this state of things exist? Because the American public have actually no discrimination. Not that they lack the requisite mentality—they simply haven't the necessary time. The man of birth and education who essays the scientific practice of palmistry will find his path beset with thorns—unless he be a stoic or a philosopher. Palmistry being regarded at the present time as something of a "fad," he will probably find himself approached by a class of persons whose wealth they seem to think ample atonement for their lack of culture.


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Revelations Of The Hand - A J Mcivor-Tyndall