Some years ago while examining the documents and other mementoes of the " Salem Witchcraft," so carefully preserved in the Archives of Essex County, Massachusetts —on being informed that only detached portions had ever been printed and thus made accessible to the public —it occurred to me that no more acceptable contribution to the library of the American collector could be made than a volume which should embody these records, and, at the same time, place them beyond the contingency of destruction or lost. . . The original intention was, first to procure copies of the records, and then in that golden future of leisure to which all men look, to offer them to the public with suitable comments and annotations; but the increasing and neverending cares of an occupation which gives no respite in the present and promises none in the future, warned me that if the public were ever to see these documents, through any effort of mine, I must forego this cherished purpose. I submit to you all the court transcripts of all the proceedings.


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Records of Salem Witchcraft Original Documents Vols 1-2