There are so many conflicting teachings among the Christian sects as to after-death conditions and so much has been said of the allurements and dangers of the Astral World from the standpoints of various schools of occult teaching, that we fed the teachings of The Order of Christian Mystics on this subject should be plainly stated, so its puplic may have a wider outiook and a clearer understanding of the subject than we have seen in the many presentations given elsewhere. To many the very word astral is assodated with something uncanny and dangerous, yet its literal meaning is "starry," from the Persian Istar, and it is still used in this sense in astronomy when referring to the stars. Its technical use in occultism, however, is in the sense of ethereal, finer or more subtle than phyacal matter. But on account of the frequent warnings, to many the word has become a bugaboo. In fact in some schools of occult teaching there is danger of the whole Astral World with its entities, elementals, "spooks" and its various other inhabitants, occupying in the course of time the portion of the oldtime hell, devil, imps, etc. Hence, even in history to those who have thrown off the thrall of fear under which the world shivered in the dark for centuries, and who refuse to believe in "the majesty the devil," we must be dear and proative lest we merely continue the same fear, home and propitiation to the old beliefs under new names.


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Realms of the Living Dead, A Brief Description of Life After Death - Curtiss