This is not a Dream Book, although it treats of dreams; it is rather an inquiry into the origin, cause, import and possible interpretations of dreams. It is not exhaustive but suggestive, hinting at prin ciples rather than elaborating theories; "blazing" a foot-path through the wilderness of conjecture by which an after - survey may be somewhat facilitated, and a plain highway established to the open planes of truth beyond. Those who attentively read these pages will find that dreams are not, on the other hand, the fermentations of an inquiet and distempered brain, the bubblings and froth and hot, unhealthy vapors arising from undigested food, nor the irritations of a gorged and oppressed stomach. They will find that, however much the physical conditions may modify, interrupt, or divert the mental operations, they do not produce them, that the sources of thought lie deeper than the mind itself, that physical sensations are not the causebut the effect  of perceptions  and inner consciousness, that mental abstraction may be so complete as to prevent physical impressions from reaching the mind. They will learn that dreams are identical with waking reveries, that they are in fact thoughts and nothing else, differing only in this. That while waking thoughts shifted, corrected, methodized by the judgment, consciousness and memory and thoughts in sleep are spontaneous and unregulated and not fully subject to the dreamer's direction. They may be orderly, logical and determinate to an end, or they may be rambling, incongrnous and grotesque, as they are wholly involuntary, or are subject to a superior control for a definite design.


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Rational Dream Book, the Science of Dreams - P A Emery 1876