This book is written for people who want to teach Wicca to children in a more or less formal way. However, by “formal,” we don’t mean “sit perfectly still and only listen,” we mean “deliberately.” We—my husband and High Priest (HHP), Canyondancer, and I—have heard from many who want to schedule classes at regular times and make lesson plans, and this book will help you do that, but it offers support for different learning structures, too. There is a fine line between “parenting Wiccan” and “teaching Wicca,” and quite often, parent and teacher are the same person. In all cases, parents are assumed to be aware that they teach, and teachers are assumed to care about their students
more deeply and personally than most secular teachers can these days. (In secular society , it doesn’t happen very often that one’s kindergarten teacher also passes out one’s high school or college diploma, but that is essentially what happens in many Pagan communities: children are eventually initiated by the same people who’ve been teaching them “since forever.”)


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Raising Witches Teaching the Wiccan Faith to Children