One desiring to know whether he or she may become an automatic writer, or develop other forms of psychic sensitiveness, by practice, should proceed. This is that in psychic work one must be un-selfconscious, alert to catch impressions, feelings, sounds, glimpses of a sort that do not register through the sensory channels of everyday conscious experience. Self-consciousness is as inhibitory in psychic development as it is in dream; when we fully waken, the dream, stops short and as we occupy ourselves consciously it begins to fade from memory—usually. (There are of course exceptional dreams that so impress themselves upon the mind, even in sleep, that their outlines remain clear and sharp for a lifetime. But these dreams are often probably psychic experiences of a nature quite different from the medley of inhibited thoughts and race-experience that jumble themselves into the usual fantastic distortions of the dream state. )


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Psychics and Mediums - A Manual - G Tubby