Now there are only two Directions which can be made to any body, one is to its longitude in the zodiac and the other to its bodily place in the heavens. These are known as Directions in zodiac and in Mundo. But the immense mistake has been made of directing all bodies as if they were at the same elevation, instead of occupying various altitudes in the prime vertical. In the following pages it will be seen that only one method is followed, and this has respect to the varying altitudes of the several bodies directed to the places and aspects of others. The principle involved is, however, so simple of expression and so easy of application, while at the same time so completely satisfactory in results, that I have sought to bring it into popular use by making it instantly accessible to any student fortified with a set of Tables of the Houses. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and a method which indicates the course of events is preferable to any other that fails at crucial points, and only comes into line with the facts from time to time.


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Primary Directions In Astrology