I KNOW WHY you picked up this book-probably for the same reason I wrote it. You want true information about psychic attacks and protection magick  spells. I am going to give this to you straight; in my experience, that is the best way to handle these sorts of situations and challenges. We all have been there. We all  have experienced unusual things in our Craft and in our lives, and we all have, at one time or another, questioned ourselves and wondered: is this a string of bad luck, is this just a coincidence, or is it more? Are the nightmares a warning? Those feelings in the pit of your stomach are they trying to tell you something? Could you be under a hex or have fallen victim to a psychic attack? And how do you know for sure? What is a psychic attack anyway? Psychic attack is the purposeful projection of negative thoughts or energy to another person. Yes, it is real. And if you think about it, this is very similar to the description of a curse. You may be experiencing nightmares, a general feeling of disease, or simply the inner knowing that something is "off." Perhaps you are dealing with a person who seems to drain you dry, a covenmate who causes nothing but drama and trouble, or a relative who always manipulates you emotionally. But whatever it is, something in your heart and your head is telling you that it is time for protection work. I suggest that you listen to it.


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