There are many people who are looking for practical instruction in Occultism. It becomes necessary, therefore, to state once for all : (a) The essential difference be tween theoretical and practical Occultism; or what is generally known as Theosophy on the one hand, and Occult science on the other, and: The nature of the difficulties involved in the study of the latter. occultism is a sacred science practiced by initiates people who have been inducted into the mysteries of the cosmos. But there are many truths of this ancient lore that uninitiated but intelligent people can use as well. That is the purpose of this book to show how the ideas and precepts of esoteric study can be applied profitably to the daily work of becoming a better human being. Practical Occultism in Daily Life is a sensible guide to understanding and developing intuitive powers, remembering the lessons of past lives, working out karma, and learning to create and attract opportunities to achieve our goals. It teaches us to align ourself with the vast possibilities of an enlightened life.


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