I am so excited to invite you into the world of practical magic and to guide you through the beginning stages of your experience with practical magic. I wasn’t always a witch. I grew up in a spiritual Christian church that welcomed diversity and valued questioning. I learned that there is some force that connects us all, but some of my beliefs didn’t quite fit in with what Christianity was teaching me. The natural world was a much more intriguing church to me, and the rhythms of nature, mapped by the Sun, the Moon, and the stars, aligned more perfectly with my understanding of the world and the Universe beyond. I invested in learning the science of nature through studying ecology, with a focus on restoration. I followed this interest into studying medicinal plants and ethnobotany—the study of the relationship between humans and plants. I began exploring witchcraft and calling myself a witch after I graduated from college, and shortly after that I realized that I had been using magic my whole life. You see, we all use magic every day, with every thought, word, and action.


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