horse, and of such animals. To man, then, and to man alone, is the per-
fect construction of the hand, as we see it, peculiarly adapted ; and it is to man alone with

his varied mental and physical requirements,
that, as Galen remarked, the Creator has given,
in lieu of every other natural weapon or organ

of defence, that exquisite and universally en- dowed instrument, THE HAND. We know, that as different orders of created beings have differently constructed extremities, so various races of men, even various nations
of the same race, show marked varieties of characteristic in the shapes of their hands. It
is my intention to carry the question farther
still, and to put before you the data upon which
I have formed my unalterable conviction that not only do these clearly marked diversities of characteristic occur between the hands of races and of nations, but that in every community

of men and women certain physical and men-
tal characteristics are clearly signified by cer- tain concomitant peculiarities in the formation

of the hands ; and that by observing these
characteristics of the hands, we may read off those characteristics of the mind, by means
of the simple and physical science of Cheirosophy

Practical Cheirosophy A Synoptical Study Of The Science Of The Hand - E Heron -