Among all the sciences and arts which claim, justly or not, to reveal man or woman's nature and to open the mysterious book of the future, there is none more justified in its pretensions than the oldest of all the sciences, the science of astrology. Its antiquity and the high standing of the men who have believed implicitly in its revelations, force even the most skeptical to grant it a certain amount of the respect which they begrudge to Palmistry, Cartomancy (the reading of the future in cards), or Phrenology. Although it might seem to the unbeliever as if the great progress of modern Astronomy had removed from their proud position the astronomers of ancient Assyria, Egypt and Greece, it so happens that the more recent discoveries among the ruined tombs of the early Egyptian kings — built some 4,800 years before Christ—have furnished us with the most positive proofs that the great astrologers of those days were almost as deeply conversant with the principles of our solar system as the astronomers of the present century, allowance being made, of course, for the fact that they had no telescopes to assist them in their researches in the firmament.


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Practical Astrology- a Simple Method of Casting Horoscopes - C de St Germain 190