Every witch worth their salt knows how powerful the right potion can be. You might have picked this book up never having thought about potion-making before and are intrigued enough to give it a try. No matter if you’re a seasoned witch, a baby witch just starting on their path or a curious purveyor of witchy cocktail concoctions, it might be time for you to tap into your own innate power and magick through the art of potion-making! Potions are a cornerstone of witchcraft, yet many witches tend to avoid this kind of magick because it seems too complex or difficult in comparison to other spells or magickal workings. In reality, all of us are already expert potion makers and have been brewing potions most of our lives! Have you ever made chicken soup for a sick friend, baked your bestie a birthday cake, cooked a romantic meal for a Tinder date or made yourself an extra-energizing cup of coffee in the morning? If you said yes to any of these then you already know the power of potions.


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