In words of truth will oft declare How much his checkered days have known Of pleasure unalloyed by care, And wretchedness and care anon ; And of thy ever-changing mood, In many a winning hour will tell, How furious now, and now subdued By love and pity, prove thee well So deadly in thine influence So fair hi thy magnificence' So twined, through safety and through scaith, "With life, and loveliness, and death ! The mariner, how blest with peace, When winds and waves their tumults cease! What time, becalmed, his bark must rest Upon thy calm and tranquil breast, In solitude, in summer tune, In some serene and orient clime, Where western zephyrs oft repair To rest their weary pinions there ! That mariner, how light at heart To watch successive suns depart, As oft restoring to his view The blest monotony of blue !


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Poems, and Translations, in Verse, from Ancient Celtic Bards - R Munro 1843