Witchcraft is a living, vibrant spiritual path that filters into our every experience, interaction, emotion, and perception. There is nothing in reality that is not spiritual. Even though many non Pagans like to believe that Witchcraft is “all about spells,” this is far from true. Though I’ve compiled this book of spells and rituals for a number of reasons (the first being that many readers of my previous books—Goth Craft and Shadow Magick Compendium—requested more practical magick!), I must first emphasize that magickal and esoteric rituals such as these are only extensions of one’s ever-present spirituality. Spells are only a small aspect of Witchcraft as an art and spiritual path. I personally feel that spells are frequently ove remphasized in the Craft, and people can easily come to the conclusion that magickal spirituality = spellcraft. Magick


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Planetary Spells & Rituals