It is evident that, though the episode of the adventures of Pistis Sophia, her repentances and songs and their solutions, occupy much space, it is by no means the principal theme of the collection ; it is rather an incident. The blundering heading of a later scribe, * The Second Book of Pistis Sophia/some two-thirds of the way through this episode, has misled earlier scholars and set up the bad habit of referring to the whole document as the ' Pistis Sophia ' —a habit it is now too late to change. If there is any general title to be derived from the MS. itself, it should be rather' A Portion ' or ' Portions of the Books of the Saviour.'  Whether this title can be made to cover Div. iv. is an open question. In any case we have before us extracts from a more extensive literature which belonged to the same group, and of which there were at least two strata.


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Pistis Sophia- a Gnostic Miscellany - G R S Mead 1921