Pharmacy and medicine in most countries had a common origin in the fetichtic philosophy of the savage, which recognized a "soul" in even inani-mate objects. Disease was the "soul" of one object attacking another, and to drive this malign influence off, noises, smells, and various contortions were employed, such as are still used by the "medicine men" of the savages of today. The fact was empirically ascertained that herbs had beneficent properties which were at first explained on the fetichtic philosophy. On this double basis of empiricism and a fanciful philosophy developed pharmacy, medicine, and most religions. For a long period the religious incantations formed the chief part in the treatment of disease. The chanter of litanies occupied a higher place than the physician who applied the remedies. This relationship was later removed. The cuneiform inscrip- tions in Assyria contain a complete history of this evolution. The earlier inscriptions give a prominent place to charms and incantations in medicine.


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Pictorial History of Ancient Pharmacy - H Peters