This is a work fundamentally based on quotations from the whole Avestan Zoroastrian literature, which are bodily translated, with chapter and verse. There are several volumes in which the subject matter is divided. The first volume starts with an elaborate intro- duction, which covers a long range of subjects. It begins vnth the background of Unity and harmony of all nature, creatures and Nature's Lord God ; then it deals with the life of the great Iranian Prophet Zarathushtra, His age and mighty teachings that form a world religion, the cosmology, the order of creation, the 7 Immortal Archangels or Ameshas- pentas, the 28 other Yazatas or Adorable Ones, Free Will, reward and punishment, the religious ceremonies that deal with society, namely birth, marriage, funeral and disposal of the dead in towers of silence, then again those that deal with purifications, and the initiations of the Priest, those thapi deal with consecrations of the sacred Fires in Temples and elsewhere : those that form the liturgy, namely the Yasna, Visparad, Vandidad, Baj, Afringan, Saturn and Faroakshi.


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Philosophy of Zoroastrianism - Comparative Study of Religions