The following volume, describing a number of the most celebrated monuments, consisting of towers, pillars stones connected with Phallism, exhibits and illustrates many of the peculiar features of that singular worship, and the wide extent of territory over which it prevailed. A large share of it has been devoted to a description of Phallic remains in the kingdom of Ireland, particularly of those mysterious towers, the solution of whose origin and uses has exercised the minds of the learned and ingenious fo rcenturies. The same objects have been traced in various other parts of the world, and many of their kindred monuments in the shape of the holed stones and pillars have been, shown to exist even in our own land. The round tower to the right, is a prodigious puzzle to antiquarians. Quires of paper, as tall as a tower, have been covered with as much ink as might form a Liffey, in accounting for their origin and use. They have been assigned to the obscene rights of Paganism—to the mystic arcana of Druidism—said to be temples of the fire worshippers—standings of the pillar worshippers—Christian belfries—military towers of the Danish invaders—defensive retreats f