It is almost universally conceded that each one carries a certain atmosphere that may be felt by all who come in contact with him ; but how that atmosphere is formed and held by each individual is an open question. It is his nature (whatever that word may mean to the speaker), says one. Another, versed in astrology, knows that the stars, at the hour of birth, settled it all. Another has read the arguments in the books on heredity, and believes one may inherit spiritual qualities from father or mother or ancestors. A fourth reads history, and knows environment to be the sole cause. Yet a fifth, claiming to be wiser and broader-minded, believes in the stars, and fleshly ties, and environment, and education, as combining to create the atmosphere surrounding each one. This subject of one's atmosphere stands forthas a great is. It is a mighty reality. Though its creation may be surrounded with mystery, its existence is as real as the noon-day sun.


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Paths to Power - F R Wilson